Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life-giving Things.

Though many things have the ability to be life-giving, I realized that some of those had gone on an unwelcome hiatus in my life. Two specific ones: writing and photography (both of which fall under the overarching umbrella of my creative release). They're coming back, and I'm already experiencing a greater freedom in being me as I welcome their return.

What are the things that give you life?

A glimpse into a few of mine:

1-on-1 conversations.
Stories of restoration.
Getting to know people.
Learning/Discovery (for others/myself).
Cooking/Sharing meals.
A good laugh.
A healthy release of tears.
Deep breaths.
His presence.

This small list just puts my heart in such a thankful place. Because we're so intricately made, the collection of things that gives us life is so diverse. The Father delights in bringing joy and life to His children, and in doing so, He shows His creativity!

To close, I'll leave you with a few images that I captured today as I took a walk around my neighborhood. His creativity is everywhere, and there is intense beauty in the simplicity and complexity in which our lives are framed.

"First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don't see."


Give it some thought. What brings you life? I'd love to know.


StephenGrindle said...

really good photos liz... and really awesome life-giving things... i love the deep breaths one... very thoughtful

StephenGrindle said...

by the way, i'd love to do photography with you some time... i'm still learning.

E[liz]abeth Pham said...

Thanks, Steve! I'm still learning, too. We can figure out those complex camera machines together, my brotha.

P.s. I think it's funny you still have a curly fro picture up on your blogger :)

Rosina said...

Liz, I love those photos--they remind me of me when everything first started. You have a gift of creativity; I can see that through your writing and photos. Keep going after those dreams of yours. You have that potential, and I believe in time that potential will become something huge.

BTW..those "complex" camera machines aren't as complex as you may think. Just a few more buttons than the norm. With your desire to learn--I'm sure you'll tackle it in no time. :)

E[liz]abeth Pham said...

Thanks, Rosina. And that thanks is loaded. I'm constantly inspired by you.