Sunday, October 18, 2009


More words have been added to Ellie's rapidly-growing lexicon. She learned the word awesome--pronounced "awethome." She's the funniest, sassiest little girl. She initiates wrestling matches with her dog Zipper (wins every time) and has an extremely colorful imagination. As her vocabulary rapidly changes, she is becoming more and more amusing. We're starting to have these funny little dialogues with each other.

I'm constantly amazed by children. They reflect the handiwork of the Creator in ways we can't see
(well, maybe we have to try harder to see) in adults, and they are fellow image bearers.

Tonight, Ellie said to me "Liz, you awethome" and made my night.

Here are a few pictures we took from this evening.


I only posted a few here, but if you want to see all of them, here you go:

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Anonymous said...

You are just the bestest Liz! She adores you. I showed her the pics again today and she just cracks up.