Friday, April 29, 2011

Pointed hat. Poignant Words. Point, for the Archbishop.

I can't wait to see it!
We're camping out!
I couldn't care less about it!
Am I the only who doesn't care about this royal wedding?
I can't wait to see what Catherine's going to wear!
No, Prince Will, it should have been me! 
Are you serious? I have better things to do than watch this.

Wherever you stand on the issue, there's no denying that the Royal Wedding caused quite the commotion. Did I stay up into the wee hours to watch it? Nope. Do I have an opinion about people who did stay up to watch it? No, not really. Do I have an opinion about people who thought it was a complete waste of time? Meh, I guess not. 

What I do have to say is this: My interest wasn't piqued because millions of people were watching, because the whole of a country deemed it a national holiday, or because the Prince was marrying a commoner. My interest was piqued because I heard a news anchorman say, "I can't believe how spiritual the ceremony was. It was rather surprising. Maybe it's because Europe has been in some challenging times lately."

Right after those words were uttered, he continued to talk about how the Archbishop of Canterbury had said something along the lines of all weddings being royal because all men and women are children of the Creator [King]. My jaw dropped. I think it's because I don't often hear profound things said on the news. Not only that, the whole sermon the bishop shared for their wedding was apparently an incredibly one (I'm taking the word of credible sources on that one for the time being). For such a broadcasted event, I can't help but think how amazing it is that so many people got to hear that message. Some may call it such a "spiritual" ceremony, but I think it really boils down to the bishop truthin' it up. A historical event threaded with powerful words of truth is something we don't come by too often anymore--especially when it comes to marriage and covenant. 

I don't know the now Duke or Duchess, but I do hope and pray that those words ring true in the depths of their hearts. What an example that would be for the rest of their country, and in many ways, the rest of the world because there will be echoes of this event in days and years to come. 

Thank you, Archbishop. Really, my hats off to you. 

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