Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Long Blink.

It felt like I was gone for a long time, but once we hit our last few days, it also felt like it was just the other day that we had landed in Uganda.

My body is back, but the rest of me is still very much processing the whole trip. Our days began with crowing roosters very early in the morning and our nights served as bookends to full days--each marked with their own stories, laughter and fingerprints of God.

Stories to come. I usually journal when I'm away on trips, but I just felt as though the Lord was asking me to be fully present. I have the assurance that He will remind me of what I need to remember to process accordingly.

Until then, here are some pictures from each of our days there. Once the team photos come in, i'll be sure to share those :)

Entebbe Airport

Skirts on and rearin' to go.

A special sight before we headed into Kampala.

Our new friends @ the first Guest House.

On our way to Gulu

Day 1
In Gulu
1st Village Visit [Kbusi]

1st Worship Service

Day 2

Prepping for New Year's

Packing the Meds
Day 3
New Year's

Day 4
Women's Conference

Day 5
The Church Services (English/Luo/Swahili)

Marriage/Couple's Conference

Village 2-Medical Day 1

(A few days without photos)
Molly's Paper Bead Jewelry

Fellowship with Ron and Joy's Family

Pastor Chris @ the Goodbye Dinner


The Nile

Back to Kampala

Father's Heart Babies Home
Mike's feet and Daniel

Sara and Baby Rachel

ARM (Africa Renewal Ministries) Walk-Around
Maranatha High School where Coryn teaches

In Dubai and heading home

Back in the States

Sweet Welcome

These pictures don't even come close to sharing what I'd love to be able to put into words. Thanks for sharing in this with me. What a journey. Praise God!

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