Saturday, December 26, 2009

Passport Packed--Almost Ready To Go.

That's a lie. My passport isn't packed. In fact, that's what i'm going to do right when i'm done with this entry. I can't believe what a whirlwind it's been. This past week with no school, Christmas, visiting family, and preparing for my trip to Uganda--has seemed to fly right on by.

Nonetheless, the day has come. I leave for Uganda tomorrow. I'm excited/nervous. If it weren't so cold, i'd have sweaty palms. At this rate, i'm wondering if i'll get any sleep before our 11:30 AM meeting time.

I go into this trip with no doubt in my mind that there will be joy. God has spoken that to me time and time again. The anticipation of experiencing a greater depth of His Body is just overwhelming. I feel like something's on the brink for me. It may not happen during the trip, but the trip may be a catalyst for whatever is around the bend.

This passage was given to me this evening, and it is perfect. It calls me to be a posture of waiting for, trusting in, and claiming God's promises:

       "For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
       it speaks of the end
       and will not prove false.
       Though it linger, wait for it;
       it will certainly come and will not delay." -Habakkuk 2:3

I go into this trip with an openness--and from now until I get onto the grounds of Gulu, I pray for a further opening of my heart. 

Pray for these things for the team, for me, and for the people of Gulu:
-Boldness/Authority in His Spirit
-Team Unity
-Increased love for God's children over in Gulu
-Whatever else He leads you to pray for :)

The team and I will keep you posted on the trip's happenings through Rock Harbor's Uganda blog:

I'll also occasionally post here, so feel free to check both!

I really should be packing, so i'll leave you with a rough itinerary of our time, so you can be praying :)

Sunday 12/27--Depart from LAX ~ 4 PM

Layover in Dubai

Tuesday 12/29--Arrive at Entebbe ~ 2:45 PM

Wednesday 12/30--Depart for Gulu/Arrive at Acholi Inn/Worship @ Gulu Bible Community Church/New Year's Planning Meeting/Jesus Film Crusade

Thursday 12/31--Alero Cuku Medical Mission

Friday 1/1--Alero Cuku Medical 

Saturday 1/2--Women's Conference/GBCC Model Farming

Sunday 1/3--Break Out Groups (Marriage/Youth)/Worship @ Pastor Ron's

Monday 1/4--Langol Medical/Jesus Film/Testimonies

Tuesday 1/5--Guru-Guru Medical/Jesus Film/Testimonies

Wednesday 1/6--Hospital Ministry/House of Hope/Heals/31-Bits/Krochet Kids/Appreciation Dinner

Thursday 1/7--Depart for Murchison Falls National Park

Friday 1/8--Safari/Depart for Kampala

Saturday 1/9--Bethany Village (Orphanage)/Dinner @ Pastor Fred's

Sunday 1/10--Church @ Ggaba Community Church/Depart for Entebbe

Monday 1/11--Arrive @ LAX

Stay tuned!

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